Aug 1, 2008

NextWorld premier episode Aug. 6th on Discovery Channel

See our work at Terreform 1 and many others in the premier episode of NEXTWORLD. This 14 hour documentary series on the Discovery Channel premieres Wednesday, August 6th at 8pm.After this week, the series will air every Wednesday at the same time for the following 13 weeks.
NEXTWORLD explores some of the truly amazing technologies, science, ideas and products that we will encounter over the next 20 years. What was learned doing this show has made us wonderfully optimistic about our future. So much is possible: we will grow new brain cells and end Alzheimer's, travel to Mars, drive morphing cars, watch stunningly real holographic actors on Broadway, create energy to power cities using our footsteps, and routinely live beyond a century.
Special Thanks: Rob Cohen -Executive Producer NextWorld, Dena Goldstein, and Betty Chu.