Mar 31, 2009

Mitchell Joachim in Rolling Stone Magazine

"The RS 100: Agents of Change," Rolling Stone, p.63, April 2, 2009.
Mitchell Joachim; The visionary in urban planning sees stackable cars and houses in trees.
WHAT HE'S CHANGING: In a sedate field, Joachim is pushing for a radical green rethink of the American city in the 21st century. An architect and urban planner at Brooklyn's nonprofit Terreform 1, Joachim wants to open up cluttered streets by creating a soft, stackable City Car that would be shared like a Zipcar.
NEXT MOVE: Exploring inter-skyscraper blimp ferries and weaving energy-efficient houses into existing trees.
KEY QUOTE: "I give a voice for people and things that can't necessarily speak for themselves, like trees and wildlife. Or the residents of Harlem." YES Harlem speaks, but not always by way of detailed urban design drawings.