Dec 31, 2008

Bioworks Institute Website Launched 2009

Co-Founders: Oliver Medvedik, Ph.D. and Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D.
Bioworks Institute
An interdisciplinary endeavor that seeks to rethink biological art and design.

Photo: Tony Ryan

Nov 24, 2008

Fab Tree Hab in Huffington Post via Web Urbanist

Web Urbanist has compiled a list of fantastic and visionary designs for "green" living. Thank You Nicholas Graham. Check out a sampling below:

Sep 17, 2008

WIRED: The 2008 Smart List - 15 People The Next President Should Listen To

The 2008 Smart List: "Mitchell Joachim, Redesign Cities from Scratch"
by Tom Vanderbilt
Wired, 16.10, pp. 178-9. Oct. 2008.
Photo: Bruce Gilden, Illustration: Christoph Niemann

Aug 27, 2008

In Vitro Meat Habitat


This is an architectural proposal for the fabrication of 3D printed extruded pig cells to form real organic dwellings. It is intended to be a "victimless shelter", because no sentient being was harmed in the laboratory growth of the skin. We used sodium benzoate as a preservative to kill yeasts, bacteria and fungi. Other materials in the model matrix are; collagen powder, xanthan gum, mannitol, cochineal, sodium pyrophosphate, and recycled PET plastic scaffold.
As of now, the concept model consists of essentially very expensive fitted cured pork or articulated swine leather with an extensive shelf life.  The actual scale of the non-perishable prototype is 11”x3”x7”.

Terreform 1: Mitchell Joachim, Eric Tan, Oliver Medvedik, Maria Aiolova

Aug 7, 2008

The Visual Rhetoric of Environmentalism at New Museum

Panel: The Visual Rhetoric of Environmentalism
for the New Museum of Contemporary Art, "After Nature," exhibition.
As scientific consensus about global warming gains traction with the public, this panel explores how such knowledge—and the environmental strategies it prompts—should be expressed visually.

Panelists: Dr. Cameron Tonkinwise, Charles M. Blow, and Mitchell Joachim.
Moderated by Brian Sholis, editor of

Saturday, August 16, at 3PM
New Museum,
235 Bowery, New York, NY.

Aug 4, 2008

CNN: Fab Tree Hab + Mushroom House + MATscape

Just Imagine...what life will be like in 2020?
Home sweet... jellyfish!
Architects share their vision of what homes of the future will look like.
Fancy living in a home shaped like a mushroom or an edible tree house?
see our Mushroom House, Fab Tree Hab, and MATscape dwellings.
images by Mitchell Joachim
Special Thanks to Lisa Botter

Aug 1, 2008

NextWorld premier episode Aug. 6th on Discovery Channel

See our work at Terreform 1 and many others in the premier episode of NEXTWORLD. This 14 hour documentary series on the Discovery Channel premieres Wednesday, August 6th at 8pm.After this week, the series will air every Wednesday at the same time for the following 13 weeks.
NEXTWORLD explores some of the truly amazing technologies, science, ideas and products that we will encounter over the next 20 years. What was learned doing this show has made us wonderfully optimistic about our future. So much is possible: we will grow new brain cells and end Alzheimer's, travel to Mars, drive morphing cars, watch stunningly real holographic actors on Broadway, create energy to power cities using our footsteps, and routinely live beyond a century.
Special Thanks: Rob Cohen -Executive Producer NextWorld, Dena Goldstein, and Betty Chu.

Jun 30, 2008

New Design Researcher: Eric Tan

Eric is a student still entering his final year of architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Currently, he is researching and developing a proposal for the fabrication and genetic manipulation of a flesh based architecture - combining inVitro processes and tissue engineering with Cad/Cam prototyping. He is excited in utilizing this research as a tool to generate not only discourse but to aid in its realization.

Jun 25, 2008

Fab Tree Hab at MoMA, July 20-Oct 20

Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling
July 20th – October 20th, 2008.
The Museum of Modern Art Exhibition Gallery, sixth floor
Fab Tree Hab
Video installation, 2003-2008.
Mitchell Joachim, Terreform 1
Lara Greden, Javier Arbona.

QuickTime Movie: Fab Tree Hab

Special Thanks: Joey Forsyte, Velocity Filmworks, Barry Bergdoll, Peter Christensen, Graham Murdoch, Edward Ward.

Jun 19, 2008

Mike Silver lecture w/ LaN globallocale

Mike Silver
5PM FRI. JULY 11th
lecture at
MEx/ Terreform
Michael Silver Mike Silver holds a masters in building design from Columbia University, and is a leFevre ‘29 research fellow for the Knowlton School of Architecture in Columbus, Ohio, a Sanders Fellow at the University of Michigan, former director of digital media at the Yale School of Architecture and a studio instructor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and faculty member at Pratt Institute. He is also the author of numerous books and articles including Pamphlet Architecture 19: Reading, Drawing, Building (Princeton Architectural Press, 1996) and IS) Mapping in the Age of Digital Media (March/April 2003). He currently directs a multidisciplinary design laboratory based in New York. Current work explores technologies such as UDAR, CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation, computer programming (Automason Ver 1.0) and a variety of new robotic fabrication tools including numerically controlled wire-EDM and digital foam shaping.

Thank You: Monika Wittig
LaN globallocale

Jun 10, 2008

Welcome Dan O’Connor

New Partner at Terreform 1:
Dan O’Connor received his Master of Fine Art degree in Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He received his BFA in Photography from SUNY College at Buffalo. He was an Artist in Residence at the Burren College of Art in the Spring of 2004. Currently he is teaching photography at the New England Institute of Art in Boston.

Apr 10, 2008

Ecotarium(s): North Pole

The Future North Ecotarium project is based on the premise that within the next hundred years our climate will be irreversible altered. Massive migrations of urban populations will move north to escape severe flooding and increased temperatures. Area inside the Arctic regions will warm up significantly, making their occupation newly desirable. Real estate values will shift to privilege northern climates that formerly had almost no human inhabitants. To underscore the intensity of such a global shift, we have moved entire cities. The reality of hundreds of millions of people relocating their respective centers of culture, business, and life is almost incomprehensible. We anticipate this polemical representation will impact our perception of tomorrow. The movie installation will premier at:
MASS MoCA Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape
and 01SJ: A global festival of art on the edge
by Jane D. Marsching and Dr. Mitchell Joachim/ Terreform
Architects: Makoto Okazaki, Maria Aiolova, Melanie Fessel
Photo Work: Dan O'Connor
Curators: Steve Dietz at SJMA and Denise Markonish at MASS MoCA

see movie:
see images:

Mar 13, 2008

Terreform at MASS MoCA

Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape
Opens May 24, 2008
Jane D. Marsching and Terreform

Jan 17, 2008

Welcome Jair Laiter

Jair was Born in Mexico City in 1971. Studied architecture at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and Urban Design at City College, NYC. Has worked in offices in Japan, and USA. His Mexico City based studio KL Arquitectos has won large competitions and completed buildings in various parts of Mexico.