Aug 26, 2010

Terreform ONE in Prague Post

Viewing the present through the future, by Caroline Korsawe

DOX exhibition is part of an international art trend that is looking ahead

"Joachim embraces the future by specializing in dreaming up environmentally sustainable cities. He is part of Terreform ONE, a nonprofit group specializing in such themes."

"With the majority of the world's population now living in cities, Joachim believes it is important to understand the consequences human civilization has on the world's ecosystems. He designed a future model of Brooklyn for the DOX exhibition."

Aug 3, 2010

TerreFarm school successfully completed for 2010

Maria Aiolova, Mitchell Joachim, Christian Hubert and TAs: Marco Castro, Brian Holland
: Orlando C. Quarless, Sara Newey, Tyler Madden, Vaclav Malek, Nancy Kim, Anthony Stahl, izabela karczmarczyk, William Q. Smith, Eva Nemcova, Annabelle Hernandez, Hazem Ahmed, Rebekka Hennig, Alex Sammet, Joanna Pierchala, Annette Williamson, Jennifer Birkeland, Vicki Karlan, Daryl Round, Anne Paillard, Yen Trinh, Tatsui Yuki, Marcus Owens, Monica Hernandez, Lee Youngwhan, Lee Heekyoung, Shim Hoonyong, Kim Minjoo, Choi Songhee, Park Won, Marco Antonio, Castro Cosio