Oct 11, 2009

MEx: A Design Cooperative Grows in Brooklyn

Architectural Record: archrecord2 Oct. 2009.
By Murrye Bernard
Together, Al Atarra and Interboro Partners established The Metropolitan Exchange (MEx), “an architecture, urban planning, and research cooperative” with the goal that members would “collaborate on architecture and planning projects, pursue development opportunities, and sponsor lectures, film screenings, and exhibitions.”
Word spread to friends and colleagues about the affordable studio space, attracting other emerging sole practitioners and small partnerships such as Decker Yeadon, MAN Architecture, Kaja Kuhl, and slo.vis, who find the space a much more productive environment than their living rooms. Aside from traditional architectural practices, other MEx tenants include Patten Studio, which provides design technology for interactive media; Terreform1, a non-profit philanthropic design collaborate; and Meredith TenHoor, who researches and writes on contemporary urbanism and politics.


Oct 6, 2009

Reshaping Cities on CNBC

The Business of Innovation hosted by Maria Bartiromo
RESHAPING CITIES - Premiered Monday, October 5th
Each year, we add the equivalent of seven New Yorks to the planet, creating strains our ageing cities are struggling to handle. The intelligent city won't just survive under this strain - it will flourish. Touching upon public safety, traffic, “self-aware” buildings, and smart grids, this show introduces the systems that will make the cities of the future both successful and sustainable.
Thought Leaders:
Mitchell Joachim, PhD, Urban Architect
Paul Romer, PhD, Senior Fellow at Stanford University.
Michael Chernoff, former US Secretary of Homeland Security.
Special Thanks: Terry Murphy, Jessica Gerstle, Sarah Orenstein.
see video http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=1285639918&play=1#