Oct 27, 2015

New York, I Love You, But…Exhibition Terreform ONE

Exhibition Terreform ONE, POST CARBON CITY-STATE: Rezoned Circular Economy
New York, I Love You, But…
November 5, 2015 - January 26, 2016, The Gallatin Galleries, NYU
Curator’s Statement
All the arguments against it are right: too crowded, too loud, too spread out, too expensive. But also: too exciting, too energetic, too fast, too much. All superlatives. New York, I Love You, But… is a glimpse at the superlative that is New York; an audience to the internal conversation of the person pressed against the subway door, smelling something unidentifiable on the journey home from some unique and  wonderful New York moment. It is a glance at the instances of excess and intimacy, humanity and wonder that define being a New Yorker.  “You are a New Yorker when what was there before is more real and solid than what is here now,” (Colson Whitehead) because being a New Yorker is as much about the frenetic thrust into the present (and by that we mean the future), as it is about harboring nostalgia for a New York that’s eternally slipping away. CBGBs or Shea Stadium, Ebbets field or the Twin Towers; affordable rent or addicts in Times Square: all gone. What is lost is our city, the city that each of us individually makes through momentary encounters, reflections in the window of a cab, panoramic vistas we didn’t know existed, but became ours because that is where we fell in love, were held up, got away, and all the other endless events that create the place we call home.

Eyebeam: Spilling Over: New York 2050 with Maria Aiolova

Nancy Nowacek, Mary Mattingly, Eve Mosher, Marina Zurkow and Maria Aiolova in conversation as part of Outside/InEyebeam at the Seaport, October 28 7:00-9:00PM http://www.eyebeam.org/events/spillingover

Oct 16, 2015

Lawrence Tech Lecture w/ Melanie Fessel + Nurhan Gokturk, Terreform ONE

November19th at LAWRENCE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY School of Architecture Lecture with Melanie Fessel + Nurhan Gokturk, Terreform ONE