Oct 6, 2020

Terreform ONE Engineered Living Materials, ELMs at Wyss Institute, Harvard University

Can we create a world of living materials that have the characteristics of biological systems: self-replication, self-regulation, self-healing, environmental responsiveness, and self-sustainability? Engineered Living Materials (ELMs) are defined as engineered materials composed of living cells that form or assemble the material itself or modulate the functional performance of the material in some manner. The proposed Big Idea would push the boundaries and frontiers of synthetic biology, materials engineering, nanotechnology, biomaterials, artificial intelligence, and directed evolution into new realms.

Feb 14, 2020

A New View: Camden’s Bloomberg Public Art Challenge project with Terreform ONE

Camden Mayor Frank Moran, the City of Camden, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, and the Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts on Jan. 31 announced the eight artists who will participate in “A New View,” a winning project selected for the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge that has been awarded $1 million.

The project will raise awareness of Camden’s illegal dumping issue by transforming six sites with vibrant temporary art installations and programming, inspiring residents and visitors to take “a new view” of the city.

131 applications for “A New View” were submitted from across the country, with the eight winners – chosen by curators Judith Tannenbaum and Camden native Kimberly Camp – representing a cross-section of medium, experience, and background.
The winning artists are tasked with drawing attention to Camden’s illegal dumping problem, which costs taxpayers $4 million annually, as well as helping to shape the public’s perception of the city. Residents, community leaders, and visitors attended the announcement, where they viewed mock-ups from the winning artists and heard from project partners.

Winning designs from six of the artists range from traditional to functional art, including a monumental panther made from repurposed car hoods, a machine in the garden that utilizes mealworms to eat styrofoam packaging from e-waste, a wind-powered sculpture using recycled plastic, clay/earth installations housing a bread oven and horticultural elements, a 15-foot steel sculpture of a robot picking up giant pieces of litter, and 22-foot tall sculptures of birds out of bamboo.

“It wasn’t an easy decision with so much great talent to choose from, but with the community’s help, we finally selected eight amazing artists to help us create ‘A New View’ of Camden,” Moran said. “These artists truly redefine what ‘art’ is and what art can do for our communities, and I’m so excited to see the transformation of our neighborhoods. We can’t thank Bloomberg Philanthropies enough for making this possible.” 

The winners are, Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi, SLO Architecture; Athena Steen and Josh Sarantitis; Tyler FuQua Creations; The Myth Makers, Donna Dodson & Andy Moerlein; Erik James Montgomery; Tom Marchetty, The Factory Workers; DKLA Design and Terreform ONE: Mitchell Joachim, Vivian Kuan, Zack Saunders, Theo Dimitrasopoulos, and Nicholas Gervasi.


Jan 24, 2020

The Ove Arup Foundation Supports Our Organization

Terreform ONE is Awarded a Significant Research Grant from the Prestigious Ove Arup Foundation to Study Biodiversity in Built Environments.

Jan 2, 2020

Terreform ONE is hiring - Architect in Brooklyn, NY, US

Terreform ONE was founded in 2006 to promote an unprecedented level of design and environmental fitness for critical urban areas in need. We are seeking a few highly inventive Architect/ Designers at our Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY office. You will be collaborating with the Director of Research and Development on special projects for our nonprofit think tank.
All of our design solutions are scientifically and aesthetically unconventional, but also well integrated into the meticulous planning of a distinct project. Our design methods are concentrated on generating a phenomenal program that will formally and functionally deploy living dynamics throughout a given system. The overriding central mission is to Design Against Extinction and to venerate all possible life forms.
We require your portfolio and experience to demonstrate a successful pattern of remarkable architectural design solutions with various patrons, academic institutions, and cultural organizations. You must display work that crafts striking results and exposes design aptitude on multiple resourceful levels.
Responsibilities will encompass the entire design process. Requirements include a minimum of 2 to 3 years experience with a focus on architectural design. Proficiency with Rhino/ Maya/ Max and Adobe Suite is preferred. Must validate through references knowledge of the complete process and a consistent ability to follow through and meet deadlines. A bachelor’s degree in architecture is required.
We are seeking individuals that have established an outstanding drive to succeed and share a keen awareness of working as part of a larger team. Please send resume, cover letter and portfolio (3 MB maximum) to info@terreform.org
Applicants must have long-term work status in the US.
We are unable to receive phone or in-person inquiries regarding this position. Due to the outsized volume of resumes we receive, we will only be able to respond to those we select to move into the interview process.