Oct 30, 2014

2014 ONE Prize “Smart Dock” results reveal two first-prize winners | News | Archinect

2014 ONE Prize “Smart Dock” results reveal two first-prize winners | News | Archinect

THE LUCENT CUBE Yun Wan, Silvia Lopez, Balazs Fekete
London, United Kingdom.

SELF GROWING LABVictor Diaz, Ariel Santiago, Carlos Garcia, Danniely Staback, Nestor Lebron
San Juan, Puerto Rico.

COL-LABJaehun Woo, Youra Cho, Sang Hoon Park, Hwang Dong Eun
Seoul, South Korea.

SKOOL HAUS Nikole Bouchard, Vanessa Moon
Milwaukee, USA.


Oct 27, 2014

Fox 5 News The Big Idea Terreform ONE The Living House

Interview with Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE by SHARON CROWLEY, Fox 5 News.

Oct 20, 2014

Don't Do it Yourself, Do it Together!

Maria Aiolova lectures at ONE Architecture Week in Bulgaria: THE POSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE.
Effects are causes. Means are ends. Capital creates labour, information – events, works – art. End points are points of departure. The utopias of the past now simulate themselves. Their realisation was also their end. Their attractive power used to derive from their inherent sense of doom and impossibility. Today, there are no utopias because everything is possible.


Oct 12, 2014

Welcome Vivian Kuan the New Executive Director of Terreform ONE

Vivian Kuan is the Executive Director for Terreform ONE. She was a Launch Director at the internet incubator, idealab! and later directed the online strategy and ecommerce business units for the Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. and for The L’Oreal Group Inc. Before that, Vivian worked as an architect in Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as in New York City for Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. She earned an MBA/MA at the Wharton School/Lauder program, University of Pennsylvania, and a B.Arch. from Cornell University.