Jan 27, 2010

Terreform ONE review in Toronto Star

A meat home on the renewable range
by Christopher Hume

Sat. Jan. 23, 2010, Toronto Star

"Joachim, his partner architect Maria Aiolova, and the firm he co-founded, Terreform One, are dedicated to the proposition that being sustainable is not enough. It's time, they say, for North Americans to start giving back to the environment."
"To save the world, we must first reinvent it. So says Brooklyn-based architect and visionary Mitchell Joachim. And he's not talking about tinkering here or tweaking there, but a total remake, top to bottom. His proposals range from impact-absorbing "soft cars" and towers clad in compacted trash to movable dwellings and "meat houses". If that strikes you as scary, relax. This is one revolution we're going to enjoy."